Evolving for Life

Evolving for Life
Holistic Health & Wellness, Life & Recovery Coaching


Integrative Nutrition


A Holistic Health Coach, & Addiction Recovery Coach is a client-centered, relational approach to working with individuals collaboratively to address the health and wellbeing of the whole person.  It acknowledges the interdependent roles of mind, body and spirit, and the innate healing capacity within each person.

Have you ever been given a list of "eat this, not that?" Have you found that making drastic changes at once are unsustainable and don't work for you long-term? Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising?  Together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

My approach is not to dwell on calories, fats, carbs, and protein.  It is not to create lists of restrictions or good and bad foods.  Instead, I will work with you to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible and rewarding, and Help you discover your Bio-Individuality.  As your coach, I will guide, mentor and empower you and provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and well-being, Happiness...

Mindfulness Meditation


I am dedicated in providing you with the tools you need to realize your full potential as a human and spiritual being through the practice of mindfulness meditation, you will realize your full potential and find happiness, fulfillment and inner peace your've been searching for you whole life.

Mindfulness is paying attention to our inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience, and compassion

Mindfulness is non-judgemental, open-hearted, friendly and inviting of whatever arises in awareness.

  • Cultivate Self-Love and Compassion
  • Manifest the awareness of breaking free from negative thoughts and choices
  • Meditation can help with Addiction
  • Meditation can help kids in School
  • Meditation reduces Social Anxiety 
  • Improves Concentration and Attention
  • Release the stresses of the Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Becoming aware and breaking free from negative habits and choices

Life & Recovery Coaching


Are you experiencing obstacles to specific personal needs, business successes, relationships or profession? Are you craving more passion? Are you making a transition?

Do you continue to make self-desructive decisions that keep you from Evolving  into your authentic best self ~ Your Higher Self.?

As your Life Coach, we will address these issues empowering you to live a healthier more fulfilling life.

  • Establishing positive permanent shifts on life quality
  • Gaining clarity in becoming your true authentic self
  • Connecting to your inner self
  • Unleashing your life purpose, passion, and inner power
  • Letting go of Fear
  • Empowering Life transitions
  • Identify challenge and transform distorted beliefs and negative, irrational thoughts into ones that are empowering, realistic and positive



Stress experienced in the workplace can manifest as fatigue and irritability, causing lack of productivity, poor interpersonal relationships, and time lost due to illness.  Those who have experienced the benefits of Mindfulness and Well-Being  at the workplace have often describe themselves as "stress survivors"' living proof of the clarity and peace they have found, both in the workforce and at home.

When you have healthy employees your company reaps the benefits.  When implementing a well designed Wellness Program increases productivity, boost moral and reduces stress.

  • Clarity and Focus
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Improved Communication
  • Decreased Absenteeism
  • Increased Productivity

Wellness Overview


A growing body of research shows that stress and its associated unhealthy behaviors have a considerable impact on chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and musculoskeletal pain.  More than 133 million Americans have one or more chronic conditions and account for 70 percent of all deaths, Additionally, 75 percent of the $2.5 trillion spent annually in medical care expenditures are related to such chronic conditions

The process of our program allows you to evolve into a confident, self-accepting person who will make positive healthy life choices. Instead of focusing on past failures, we will build a bright future.  As part of the Holistic coaching process, we will address core issues that may be causing a blockage for personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. including various forms of addictions.

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Evolving for Life

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